About The Program

Our Mission

We help youth (and their parents) become more aware of damaging thoughts and behaviors such as bullying, abuse, depression, discrimination, suicide, negative self image and others.  The goal is never to make anyone feel guilty. It is to use uplifting live music performances mixed with personal stories to promote positive, constructive thoughts, feelings, actions and ideas.

The Program

Our program consists of three integral parts designed to positively influence youth and strengthen families:


  • We start by presenting an assembly program at your location that combines an engaging musical performance with true stories of real challenges based on the entertainer's personal experiences. The goal is to make the students aware that no matter what they are going through, they are not alone. They can get past it and be happy if they reach out and ask for help.
  • The artists perform in multiple local schools each week.
  • The assemblies last 60-75 minutes and feature entertainment, an impactful talk and a meet-and-greet.
  • When allowed, the entertainers sell official program merchandise as well as their own music and products.


  • Within 3-10 days, the assemblies are followed by a weekend fundraising concert in your gym or auditorium that is open to your students and their family members.
  • Once again the artists perform, speak to and inspire the audience. The goal is to make the entire family aware of challenges youth face everyday.
  • 50% of the funds generated by the concert are given to your school or organization, while the remaining 50% is used to pay the artists and fund the administration of the program.

Social Network (coming soon):

  • In order to continue the conversation and make a long term impact on your students and their families, we will be inviting everyone to join an online network featuring positive social interactions as well as family-friendly music, TV shows and films. The network is also sponsor supported.
  • The social network has two options – a free level as well as a paid subscription with premium content. The goal again is to ensure the positive messaging continues beyond the live program. For those participating with a paid subscription, your organization continues to benefit with residual income.

More Details

  • The program is open to all K-12 schools, colleges/universities and youth organizations.

  • The entertainers are vetted and must pass a background check before they are allowed into the program.  They are also trained on how to most effectively impact your students.

  • Variety artists such as magicians and ventriloquists may also be available.

  • The program is sponsored in part by numerous companies. The more sponsors we attract, the more money each school or organization makes.

  • We will soon also provide exclusive video content to the school or organization at no cost which you are free to use at your discretion.


The program is funded by sponsorships, the fundrasing concerts as well as CD and merchandise sales. The funds are used to:

  • Compensate the artists for their performances so they can perform full time.

  • Develop programs that are free to the participating organizations.

  • Develop and produce positive audio and video content that is shared with you as well as on our social network.

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