Sponsorship Opportunities

 This program is funded in part by sponsors seeking to:

  1. Directly reach K-12 students and their families multiple times every month.

  2. Positively impact and encourage 100,000+ students in the greater Nashville area.

  3. Provide the opportunity for schools to participate in an ongoing fundraising program.

Program Launch: September 2018



  • 1-3 artists will be performing one assembly and follow-up concert each weeks
  • The number of events will steadily increase
  • Schools may opt to bring new artists monthly and bi-monthly

The Assembly

  • Each artist will be performing for approximately 500-600 students each week
  • Students will receive a handout which creates a strong follow-up brand impression

The Follow Up Concert

  • Students will return with their families to attend the fundraising concert

The Tour App

  • Students will be invited to download a free app
  • They will have access to positive, uplifting, motivational stories, music, videos, TV shows, etc.
  • All sponsors will be promoted via the app
  • Total monthly reach (with 3 artists): 6,000+ students plus their family members
  • Total number of one-on-one interactions: 200,000+ each year

Other Opportunities for Sponsor Promotions

    • Indie Artist Tour website - www.indieartisttour.com
    • Indie Connect website  - www.indieconnect.com
    • Indie Connect newsletter - 3,300 subscribers
    • 10 Indie Connect LinkedIn groups - 30,000 members
    • Indie Connect Facebook page - 1,000 followers
    • Indie Connect Magazine - 1,000 weekly views
    • Indie School Tour Facebook page (to be developed)
    • Indie School Tour Instagram page (to be developed)

The numbers above do not reflect the hundreds of thousands of impressions every sponsor will receive through Indie Connect’s various marketing and outreach channels (Indie Connect Magazine, The Business Side of Music podcast etc.)

Gold Sponsorship

$15,000 for 1 School Year (38 Weeks)

Reach Up To 200,000 Students and Family Members Multiple Times

  • Logo on homepage of tour app
  • Banner on the tour website homepage
  • Monthly video, audio, or text ad on the app
  • Banner on fundraising concert stages
  • Ad in the tour's student newsletter located on the app
  • Half page multimedia ad in Indie Connect Magazine
  • Ongoing recognition in the Indie Connect Newsletter

Silver Sponsorship

$10,000 for 1 School Year

Reach Up To 200,000 Students and Family Members

  • Recognition on the Indie School Tour website
  • Video, audio or text ad posted in the program's exclusive app
  • Ad in the newsletter sent to students who sign up for our mailing list (through the app)
  • Ad in the Indie Connect newsletter (3500)
  • Video shout-out and thank-you from 2 artists

​Bronze Artist Sponsorship

$5,000 for 1 School Year

Reach Up to 75,000 Students

  • Recognition on the artist's website and the tour's website
  • Video, audio or text ad posted bi-monthly in the program's private social network page
  • Ad in the newsletter sent to students who sign up on the app
  • Quarter-page multimedia ad in Indie Connect Magazine
  • Video shout out and promotion from your sponsored artist

Support Sponsorship

$2,500 for 1 School year

  • Recognition on this Indie School Tour website
  • Promotion on the tour app
  • A thank you video filmed for you by one or more of the artists

In-Kind Sponsorships

  • For artists visiting Nashville
    • Hotels, transportation, and dining
  • Audio Gear
    • Powered mixer, speakers, microphones, cables, cases, etc.


Everything here is negotiable and/or can be tailored to meet your specific goals.

We look forward to creating a 4-way win situation: you, the students, the schools, and the program itself!


Interested in Sponsoring Our Program?

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